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Downloadable Web Pages

Here are some premade webpages I made for you to download and edit in your
own way. Complete with backgrounds, buttons, and banners. All I ask
is that you keep my button at the bottom of the page for others to get
to this site to be able to build their own page. I hope to have more
pages made soon.

                                           CRAZY STEVE

Page one. To view it click here. To download it click here

Page two. To view it click here. To download it click here.

Page three. To view it click here. To download it click here.


Here are so things that you can download to help you with your page/site. All links are to the site that they originate from. They are not direct download links.

Here is a Free HTML editor. Arachnophilia 1.6 MB
This robust application can import and automatically convert RTF documents, tables, and outlines from any Windows 95-compliant application to HTML. It also supports up to six Web browsers, CGI, frames, Perl, C++, Java, and JavaScript development. Other features include a built-in intelligent FTP client, automatic uploading of changed files, user-defined templates, user-customizable toolbars for quick access to frequently used tags, global search and replace, and a multiple-document interface with full drag-and-drop capability. In addition, Arachnophilia includes built-in tutorials on HTML development, JavaScript, frames, and the Internet. This version features a new internal browser and an Instant View mode that shows your HTML changes as you make them.

Another free HTML editor Web-O-Rama 3.1MB
This is a direct download due to there being no homepage.
Web-O-Rama is a full-featured HTML editor with numerous handy tools, including forms for adding body and font information, special characters, hex values, images, links, lists, rules, sound, and tables. Users can preview files in two browsers of their choice. A frames form helps users create framed pages. The program also provides estimated download time for graphics, a form for adding meta information, and a comprehensive tag list form for quickly adding commonly used tags and their attributes. This is not a program that does everything for you; some knowledge of HTML is required, although the interface is designed to be easy enough for beginners. Also featured are a Style Sheet dialog, a Copy Files dialog, a Preferences dialog, and major interface enhancements. Version 6.50 has been refined--bugs have been eliminated, and overall performance enhanced.

Another free HTML editor, Site-Aid 2.3MB
SiteAid is a freeware application that allows the user multiple tag insertion methods and many quick wizard forms for creating Web sites. SiteAid, unlike many other freeware HTML editors, gives you the ability to have more than one file open at a time, which enables faster maintenance of large sites, as the user can quickly cut and paste common items from one page to another. This version of SiteAid features a find-and-replace feature, and a self-replacing body editor.

If anyone knows of any free image editors please send an E-Mail so that I can post it on this page for others. Thanks!!!