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So you wanted to know a little about Ol' Crazy Steve.
You either got here from one of my sites (down to three now)
or my "member profile".

Well, you asked for it. Let's see. First off those
"member profiles" never give you enough room, so that's
why I made this page. Hmmmmm... Where to start?

All About Me

name:                Ol' Crazy Steve
age:                 25 (currently)
birthdate:           September
marital status:      married
location:            currently in Ohio
hobbies:             reading, going to the park with my daughters, 
                  computers, board games, video games, hiking, ???
dislikes:            sports, worring about whats going to happen
                  tomarrow, and people with no sense of humor.
description:         see picture below.  but my hair now has blonde 
                  highlights and is short.

Is that me?
Ol' Crazy Steve
It must be.
click on image to see larger picture.

Whats that? You wanna be like Ol' Crazy Steve...

Well heres all it takes.

The ability to have only                      Always stay one step 
daughters.                                    ahead of every one else.

Every sunday, make sure                       Go thru the drive-thru
to read every electronics                     window and make sure you
flyer in the paper.                           tell them "It's to go."

Every car you ever own                        Make lots of web pages.
will be a Buick.

Have a GREAT sense of                         Be willing to make a fool
humor.                                        of yourself to make 
                                              others laugh.

Keep subscriptions to                         At one time or another,
PCWorld, PCComputing,                         have owned ever video
and other related magazines.                  game system ever made.

Listen to every kind of                       Have three TV's in your 
music except country.                         house with a minimum of
                                              1 video game system hooked
                                              to each one.

Own every Eric Clapton                        Be a perfectionist at
CD that is currently out.                     everything you do.

And last but not least.
Own an entertainment system (weather it
be the TV, stereo, or computer) that can be heard
three blocks away.

If you can do all this, then you are on your
way be being a GREAT Crazy Steve.