Let's get your page on the web. It would probably be best to have
two windows open at this time. First you need to open an account
with Tripod.This will take you about 5 to 10 minutes.
Once you have completed that, you will have to log-in to activate
your account. Now lets get started. You will have to click on
Build Now at the bottom of the page. Now you will
have three choices,



or File Manager.

Lets go with file manager first, this way you can upload any images
or files you might want to use. Click on the the
dropdown menu next to file, then click on upload. This will bring
up a small page for uploading. You have to click the
Browse button and locate the images or files you want to upload.
You can only upload four images/files at a time. Now if you are
uploading a large file, it will take some time for it
to upload.

When you have finished uploading files, click on either


or Freeform

With Quickform all you have to do is choose the lay-out you want
and follow the very simple instructions that Tripod gives you.
Quickform pages are premade pages that all you do is enter a little
infomation and the page is done (this is for those that still don't
have a clue of what to do after reaching this point).

Now Freeform is for writing your own code. There is some starting
information that is already posted to where all you have to do is
edit it till it fits your preferences. Now you can either delete
all that info and start from scratch with your own code. Or,
go to where it says,

" Begin typing here....."

delete it, and start typing your code. When you have finished
entering your code, click on the "save" button and you can then
go and view the page you have just created.

And there you have it. You have just created and posted your
first page. From this point on you should be able to figure out
any code. For more tags to use with your page visit my Tags page.
To learn some advanced HTML coding, click on the Advanced HTML
Links button. I hope i have helped you achieve the page you wanted.

Till my next page.