Windows 95

These are the tips I have for Windows 95. If you have an Windows 95 tips or tricks you would like to have posted here, Click Here to send it to me.

If you right click on "My Computer" and select properties, if you explore it you can find out all the devices installed in your computer.

Win95 pauses for a few seconds when you first turn your computer on. This is to give you the chance to press a key such as F8. If you don't use such keys and want to get rid of the pause, open the file "MSDOS.SYS" in notepad and add the line BootDelay=0 to the [Options] section.

Power Toys and Power Toys Tweak UI are a set of free tools to help Win95 do what you want it to do. You can find them at Microsoft along with other things for the comp. Or at

If you have folders or files that you don't want others to see (and we all have a few).Heres how you can hide them. Right-click on each file or folder that you want hidden. Select Properties at the bottom of the box. Put a check in the Hidden attributes box, and click apply. In the windows explorer select View/Folder Options/View and click "Hide all hidden files" then click apply. Done, it's now hidden.