First thing you do is to find a picture you want to insert into your page, being .gif, .jpeg., or .jpg (note JPEG images are smaller then GIF images, and therefor load quicker).Then use the following HTML code to install it.
Note: never take graghics from someone elses page without permission from the owner. Besides, how would you like it if someone came along and took something you worked hard to make.

<CENTER><IMG SRC="splatman.gif" height="215" width="80"></CENTER>

and this is the end result

other aligning elements are

align="left" - displays image to the left of the page

align="right" - displays image to the right of the page

the align tags would be inserted into the tag, like this:

<IMG SRC="splatman.gif" height="215" width="80" align="left">

TIP: inserting height and width tags helps image load quicker