Following will be a list of tags and a description of what they do.
This is not a listing of all the HTML tags avalible, just the ones you will need to get you started.
Possibly an example for some tags. Click on the YES for the example. All tags must be placed between less then ( < ) and greater then ( > ) signs.

Example: <B> </B>

Tag NameDescriptionExampleClosing Tag
/This is part of the closing
!Places a comment in the document, but will not show up on your pageyesno
ASpecifies a link and/or anchor (location to which you can jump either within your HTML page or to another page)yesyes
BIndicates Boldface to selected textBOLD textyes
BodyStarts and ends the body,or contents, of the documents immediatelly after the headno example yes
BRStarts a new line of textno exampleno
CenterCenters a line of text, or an image, between the left and right marginsno exampleyes
DDStates a descripion in a definition list (DL). Must be used within DL tagsyesno
DLDefinitions Listyesyes
DTNames a term in a definition listyesno
EMPuts emphasis on selected text. alternate for Italicsemphasizedtextyes
EMBEDEmbeds an object into a document, such as a wav, midi, Quick Time, AVI, and other file typesyesyes
FONTThe size, typeface, and color of selected textyesyes
H#Applies one of six heading emphasis to selected textyesyes
HEADIntroduces and describes an HTML document, within the head is usually the title and meta tagsnoyes
HRInserts a horizontal rule line. Used to seperate sections of a document.yesno
HTMLDefines an HTML document. Placed at the beginning and the end of the documentnoyes
IApplies italics to textItalics textyes
IMG SRCIMG inserts an image in the document, SRC specifies the URL of an image file.yesno
MARQUEEScolling textThis is an example of marquee text.yes
METAProvides a description of the current document, such as keywords, author, description, so that search engines can indentify it correctly.yesno
PIndicates the start of a new paragraph.nono
SUBPlaces a character below the base line which other characters set, also applies smaller font.H2Oyes
SUPPlaces character above the base line which other characters set, applies a smaller font.a2+b2=c2yes
TITLESpecifies the title of your document.noyes
UUnderlines textexampleyes
Good luck with your page