EMBED tags are for putting music or video's in your page. Here's an example of a music midi embeded in a page.

Here's the HTML for embeding it:

<EMBED SRC="mr_crowley.mid" Width=200 height=45 autostart="true" controls="smallconsole"></EMBED>

Some other attributes you could add are:

width=200 - width of the console/video.
height=45 - height of the console/video.
autostart=false - specifies if you want it to start once the page has loaded or not (true|false).
play_loop=2 - if you want the sound repeated more that once. Specify a number for exact number of times you want it to repeat (true|false).
hidden=false - if you want the controls hidden or on screen (true|false).
controls=smallconsole - specify the type of control panel.