Learn HTML  A Beginners Guide

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Hello. Crazy Steve here sayin',
This site was built for you. To help you build your own web page. Throughout this site you will find links for advanced HTML, Javascript, where to get free web space, where to find web page animations, as well as links to other sites for learning HTML. Try viewing the Guestbook and message board for other tips that might be posted.

For more learning and tips, try purchasing one of the following books.

HTML 4 Buy the Book Today! or HTML for DummiesBuy the Book Today!


Idiot's Guide To HTML Creating Cool HTML

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Learn HTML  A Beginners Guide
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Learn HTML  A Beginners Guide
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Since I offer this site to everyone for free, my site can now be found Listed at http://allfreethings.com along with thousands of other sites that have free services.

All Things Free

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I am building this page to give you an understanding of HTML, which stands for H yper T ext M arkup L anguage. HTML has gone through several variations during the short time it has been around. It started with SGML (the beginning of HTML), and including Microsoft and Netscape browser extentions. SGML or S tandard G eneralized M arkup L anguage started in 1986. HTML 1.0, the first version of HTML, came in 1990, and an unofficial version, HTML+, was introduced in late 1993. HTML 2.0 in 1994. HTML 3.0 in 1995. HTML 3.2 in 1996. And the newest, HTML 4.0, which is used now.

One thing I won't be getting into is Java or Javascript. As those are entire books all on thier own. I will try to keep things short and easy to understand. I won't build the page for you, but by reading the pages that follow and following the examples, you will have a page up and running on your own.


My URL: http://start.at/learning_html

I got it for free at http://come.to

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